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OOO "Glasscomerce" - the only enterprise in Ukraine in production of sheet rolling, patterned, wired glass, Solar glass and Glass for solar energy systems and greenhouses. The company's products are well known not only in Ukrainian market but also in countries near and far abroad. The company is a successful territorial-geographical location for the development of large-scale complex manufacturing and industrial glass processing, located in the East of Ukraine, the territory with developed infrastructure, close to large industrial centers.

Our company is a real Keeper glass traditions in a few generations, because it originates in the distant 1895, after the construction of our glass workshops of the Belgian joint-stock company. Since then we have accumulated knowledge, producing new types of glass and is now ready to offer you products of the highest grade.

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patterned glass
We produce more than 68 kind of glass of different functions
"Green" energy
"Green" energy

The modern eco-energy is the future of our planet and we are trying to participate actively in the improvement of ''green'' energy technologies.  For five years we have already been producing the glass for solar panels and modules which allows making the best use of solar energy. Except of general energy efficiency indexes our glass is coated with a special layer which allows not to lose the efficiency of solar energy during long period of time.

Architectural glass

Our patterned glass is actively used in the architecture as it possesses all characteristics necessary in this field. Beside of standard patterned glass we produce flat glass reinforced with steel wire mesh that exponentially increases its hardness indexes and allows using of such kind of glass even in the most loaded sections of the construction. A large choice of patterns allows using of "Glasscommerce" glass in any project irrespective of complications and design. Our clients can purchase patterned glass not only in sheets but also the size-cutted glass completely ready for installation with ready-made holes and coating.

Interior glass

One of the main directions of using of the patterned glass is decoration of interiors. In recent years, we have significantly expanded the range of patterns which ideally suit for indoor use. In our range there appeared a patterned glass with a mirror coating, which surprises the customers with its beauty. Therewith the mirror patterned glass can be supplied in several color gradations, which further extends the boundaries of its usage.


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We have many partners in the European region, so we can quickly provide data on the delivery of products to your warehouse, and also promptly arrange the delivery of samples to you if necessary.

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On the territory of Ukraine we carry out small-scale wholesale and big-scale wholesale sales. Contact our manager, and we will offer you the most favorable conditions for the purchase and delivery of patterned glass inside our country.

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If you are located outside of Ukraine and want to arrange the supply of quality patterned glass, please contact our manager. Our specialists have a great experience in the international deliveries and will help to arrange a deal quickly.